Make Learning Mandarin Your New Year’s Resolution

Make Learning Mandarin Your New Year’s Resolution

With every new year comes a renewed sense of wanting to do more than the previous year. We go forth making resolutions that often include picking up new skills. Learning Mandarin might be the most worthwhile investment you make in 2018 and here’s why:

Career Prospects

Improving yourself and adding new skills to your resume should always be at the top of your wishlist. Being able to speak a foreign language can tremendously increase your chances of promotion or position you in a better place when you are looking for a new job. And what is more lucrative than Mandarin? It is the most in-demand language today with so many companies wanting to do business with China. Stay on top of this opportunity by taking lessons in your free time. Studies have shown that self-learning material can only get you so far. In order to thrive and be able to apply language skills, you will need practice based on real-world situations. This is best done through structured lessons with a trained tutor.


If working in China isn’t in your horizons, you can still take the chance to explore and fall in love with the rich and vibrant culture that China has to offer. Broaden your horizons by traveling to Mandarin-speaking countries and experience first-hand the culture built upon centuries of history. There is much that these Chinese cities can offer you, whether you’re looking for a metropolis or the quaint countryside. However, traveling across China without the slightest clue of their language can put you in some less-than-ideal situations. Pick up some survival Mandarin and tips and tricks to navigate around Chinese cities by following us on our social media! We offer current and up-to-date advice on what to look out for and how to ask for help should you ever need it.

Challenging Yourself

For those who are restless and absolutely love a challenge, learning Mandarin will prove to be the most fulfilling and worthwhile venture that you embark on. We’re not gonna lie, it’s a tough language to fully master. However, being able to fully converse in the language, to read and to write, would be a very useful skill to have both in career prospects and in travel. With mastery in Mandarin, you never know what opportunities will come knocking on your door. While we can’t promise what these opportunities will look like, but we can guarantee that you’ll be well equipped when it does come!


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